10000 things

the hardback cookbook of Deborah’s going into the shelf of cookbooks below the drawer with all the outsized utensils

turning on the cell phone;
putting the cell phones to sleep for the night with the power recharging;
enduring the sight of disturbing people in distress; straining to listen to steam of words that feels assaulting;  because too much; the cold of the mayonnaise jar feel in the hands; search for a word that feels exactly right
the jar itself and the place that it goes in the refrigerator
the agreement between two large mammal beings that that is in fact where it does go.
the running bath water
the eggs on the skillet
the clothes on the line
the iPod running in the front
the discovery of Karen Dalton
my workout in the gym for hours tonight
tonight being Friday June 15th, 2012 in Bernal heights in San Francisco at 11:03
it mattering whether the giants hung on their 4-2 after 8 tonight.

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